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Installing Home Bar

All of Primo Craft’s home bars are assembled in our factory to make sure that we have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s—and we now deem that your new bar is “perfect.” The custom-made bars are preassembled and easy to reinstall, and arrive in an average of 4 to 7 cabinet components. All our bars come either in 4’ x 8’ crates or are securely blanket-wrapped when shipped directly to your home so the parts arrive in pristine condition.

After you move the boxes to the assembly area in your home, for the most part all it takes is an electric screw gun, level and shims. As a convenience to you or your installation crew, all the screws are left in the holes ready to be assembled. Then you can unwrap each section, move it into position and screw together your dream bar.

Imagine the curiosity of your neighbors as box after box is hauled in from the delivery van. Do they know you are getting a bar for your entertainment area? If they do, they are getting more jealous by the moment, wondering when they will be invited over to inaugurate your new bar—and you can proudly say, “That’s my bar!”