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Challman Man Cave

This ultimate man cave enhances a cabin in northern Wisconsin. Rather than a basement bar, this custom-built bar is above the garage, right up 14 steps and around the corner. First-time guests will be blown away when they open the door because they will not be expecting any of what they see.

Imagine inviting friends to your cabin, and then they see this bar. They will also admire the pool table, chomping with excitement to play a round, as well as the fireplace mantel custom designed by Primo Craft.

Your man cave is a great retreat for those weekends with friends—hunting in the fall, snowmobiling in the winter, fishing in the spring, and golfing in the summer.  Whether it’s the 19th hole or for happy hour, when friends first see this, they will be wowed.

Yes, this is the ultimate home bar for the perfect man cave. Bar is ash wood with mission finish, and has an under-counter refrigerator for those cold drinks Your enjoyment will be enhanced by the comfy Primo Craft bar stools, upholstered in beige fabric.

The man cave is 100% designed and constructed by a Primo Craft, including custom home wood bar, custom billiard table, and custom entertainment center.


David Challman has started construction on his man cave. It has a lower level that is a two car garage. The upper level will be a completely custom man cave with a Primo Craft custom home wood bar, custom billiard table, and custom entertainment center.


The floors are in. Now I can really imagine how to layout the pool table, custom wood residential bar, game table, and entertainment center.


The exterior walls are finished!  I'm thinking of putting the Chicago Classic custom wood bar on this wall.  Of course I will probably change my mind.


The roof to my man cave is finished.  I can just see the lamp hanging from the ceiling, over the pool table right now....


The exterior walls are finished!  I'm thinking of putting the Chicago Classic custom wood bar on this wall.  Of course I will probably change my mind. Well, I guess its time to make a final decision on the layout of the man cave furnishings.  

My man cave received a very special gift this week.  The 5th pool table primo craft ever built is being given back to me.  It was called the Buckhorn.  It is over 30 years old!  It will look perfect.


The drywall and flooring are nearly complete on the my man cave.

The unfinished space in the wall will be filled with the Staten Island Fireplace Surround with built in speakers.


David's man cave is nearly ready for party time!


Test run, up at the cabin, with family and friends.