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KLUKSDAHL Residence Cusotm Home Bar

"Always accessible and most importantly very patient"

"My husband and I wanted a custom bar as part of a complete renovation of our townhome basement. Space was extremely tight. David, the owner, was always accessible and most importantly very patient, while helping me with dimensions and configuration of our bar. I had it professionally installed by a handyman/woodworker. I also shopped quartz and had a stone maker place my selection on the top of the front and back areas of the bar. And yes, it is efficient as well as beautiful down to every detail. Our many guests are always complimentary of our bar. I highly recommend David and Primo to anyone shopping this product."

George Naxera Custom Bar

"You did a fantastic job on the bar!"

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Kozar Bar Front View

"pass it down to our children"

The bar is installed, with all appliances hooked and we entertained 26 guests this past Saturday evening. The compliments on Primo Craft’s craftsmanship are too many to list. Many had a good time taking their shot a playing bar tender. We will enjoy this bar for a very long time and pass it down to our children.

From: Huntsville, AL
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Corner Bar Glenwood Conner

"Transformed ordinary TV room into coolest spot of my home."

I live in San Diego, California, and I wanted to have a small bar in my entertaining room. None of the ready-made bars in furniture shops and online satisfied my vision. I contacted custom bar builders in California, but they said they only make large bars for commercial use.

Then I found Primo Craft website. I called David, the owner of Primo Craft and provided him with the dimension of the bar space of my vision. I sent a picture of my entertaining room. David emailed me back in a timely manner with a sample picture of a bar and a blueprint. That looked perfect to me.

About 10 weeks later, the bar was delivered by a huge truck. The entire bar came in five pieces and it took almost two days to assemble and get the plumbing done. But it was all worth it! Now here it is. My dream bar! This bar transformed an ordinary TV room into the coolest spot of my home.

Thank you, David!

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"Lopez Home Bar"

I wanted to let you know that the bar fits perfectly into our living, room and we could not be happier. We were a little nervous ordering such a large piece sight unseen, but everything turned out better than expected. We appreciate your help with the design process and the care that your team took in making the bar and packing it for shipping all the way to South Florida.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Could not be happier with your creation"

To say that we are happy with the bar you made for in November is a total understatement. We really love it. We love it so much that we have decided to turn it into a Sushi bar as well. See pictures. We can now sit seven and would like to sit eight if we can with an extension that bridges the entrance to the bar in the second picture. It can come from the back bar or the front bar as long as it bridges the gap and matches the glossy top and can fold down out of the way when not in use. Is this something you can do for me? Here are the pictures of the bar itself to job your memory and what it looks like in Sushi mode. We could not be happier with your creation.
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"Rich as any bar top I have ever seen"

When I found the Primo Craft website through Google, it looked like they were a specialist in bar building. I sent some pictures showing what I liked in a local bar, and owner David Challman designed a bar with similar features. He helped me get all the appliance specs and designed the whole bar system including the pool table, which matched the bar perfectly. The bar arrived within the estimated timeline, it was blanket wrapped in a moving-style van and everything was in good condition. I had my house builder's carpenter assemble the whole package and everything fit together perfectly. The finish on the real-wood cabinets is exquisite—the bar top is burled inlay and is as rich as any bar top I have ever seen!

I am extremely happy with the finished product and would recommend Primo Craft to anyone interested in having a custom-made bar, whether in your home or in your business.

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"Custom fireplace mantle is beautiful, warm, inviting"

David has a talent for design. In the year since the fireplace was completed, we have entertained many people who can't believe how beautiful our living room is with the addition of the fireplace and the custom fireplace mantle. Yes, it is beautiful, warm, inviting, and comfortable. The cabinets were made in red oak stained to match the rest of the cabinets in the house. Now we have a place that can display our collectables. So whether you are trying to spruce up an old fireplace or create a new fireplace design, the people at Primo Craft are there to help you achieve your dream.
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"Quick to understand my wants and needs"

We love our Primo Craft bar. It worked out perfectly in my man cave. I get overwhelming compliments from everyone who sees it. I even order bar stools from Primo Craft. I truly enjoyed working with David Challman owner of Primo Craft. He was always professional and quick to understand my wants and needs, The bar came crated and it arrived with no damage.

"Fox Custom Home Bar"

It’s amazing that we have been able to do this being so far from each other—and good communications made it work. Thankfully the internet allowed me to find you. I must be your first customer from Cape Cod, MA.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Stunned look on my friends face"

Our new bar is up, and it looks awesome. You guys did a great job, and we couldn't be happier. I love seeing the stunned look on my friends’ faces when they come down into our lower-level recreation area. Priceless!!!!!
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"Amazing quality"

By the way everything on this site is beautiful I've been looking online for a while now and this is the first site ive seen that doesn't seem aggressively expensive and yet amazing quality. Im very impressed.
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"Pool Table Island"

Pool Table Island—that's what they call Jeff and Jan’s hidden island on the Mississippi River. Jeff said that, “All of my fellow boating buddies would always pull their boats up to the Island over the summer and party, so we thought a pool table would be just one more thing to entertain our friends."

Primo Craft helped build and install this 8-foot pool table. We cemented four 6 x 6 posts into the sand, then made the frame and added slate and leather pockets. The top rails and blind aprons were made in ash and then sand blasted for the weathered look.  

Who knows maybe a tiki bar some day....

Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Bar is the focal point"

We love the way the bar top returns into the back bar, giving us room for more bar stools. Now when you’re in the room, the bar is the focal point. We hadn’t planned on a new bar, but we were so glad we went ahead and spent the extra money—and did what we should have done in the first place. Thanks again, Primo Craft!
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

See Full description of their bar here!


"Love it, love it!"

We absolutely love it! Thanks!
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"God Bless America!"

I am so proud and happy to have our new custom wood home bar. You and your crew did a fantastic job, and I am honored to have it in my home. Please tell all your guys how appreciative I am for their hard work. If you're wondering what those bottles are in the mirror area, they're filled with sand from some of the places I've been: Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, Hilton Head, Delaware, Cape Cod. I'm throwin' a few back tonight at my new bar.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Rave reviews"

The bar is fantastic and gets rave reviews from everyone who visits. We received excellent service and assistance with the design. The quality is super. I can't say enough... I love it!
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Rolls true and plays great"

Primo Craft built this pool table for me several years ago. It is beautiful quarter-sawn oak, custom designed to match our furniture style. It rolls true and plays great.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"The way we needed it—at a great price"

We searched so many venues to find the right bar to meet our special needs. Many bars made in "China" had inferior features, were not customizable and were over-priced. Primo Craft gave us all options to make it the way we needed…and at a great price. It was shipped as ordered, and support was there after the sale. Everyone who comes into our home and sees this bar says the same thing—“Oooh, ahhh, so nice.” Thank you Primo Craft. 

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"Fantastic job!!!"

After searching for about a year, I finally found David at Primo Craft to design and build my custom home bar. David was extremely helpful, responsive, and patient to work while understanding my needs and creating a bar that was beyond my expectations. Primo Craft built my home bar to the exact specifications I requested and were a complete pleasure to do business with.  I highly recommend them for any woodworking project!
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Show stopping pieces"

I have used Primo Craft for three different projects, and they have all exceeded my expectations and became show-stopping pieces in our house. Even on the last project, when we had a miscommunication on one small element of the project, Primo Craft made it right. Thanks for all the incredible work you have done for me.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"One of the few remaining artisans"

Dave met our every expectation. He helped us figure out what we needed and custom built two entertainment centers, a window bench seat (storage for the kids’ toys), and a downstairs wet bar to fit the space. Primo Craft is one of the few remaining artisans when it comes to custom furniture.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Nice fit"

I recently purchased a six-foot long television cabinet from David. When we discussed all the details of the cabinet, David had some good suggestions. The cabinet was built in a timely manner and to all the specifications. David shipped the cabinet from Minnesota to my house in California. The crate that held the cabinet was built well because there were no scratches or damage.  The cabinet’s finish matches exactly the rest of our furniture. The new television cabinet is the nicest piece of furniture in our house. I would recommend Primo Craft for all your furniture needs.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"A toast"

I am very happy with my Primo customize-built bar. The craftsmanship, personal service, and price cannot be beat.  From concept drawing to front-door delivery, Primo Craft keyed in on every detail. They did such an excellent job that next I ordered a customize TV entertainment center to match my bar.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"Dream Bar"

With Primo Craft's great selection and personal service, they built me the custom bar of my dreams without me leaving my house.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft

"So helpful"

Everyone was so helpful and really understood what we were looking for in our bar. We are most happy with the finished product.
Regarding: Custom Wood Home Bar by Primocraft